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How to solve the problem of pairing Xiaomi Mi Band 2/3?

Xiaomi Mi Band 3

The Xiaomi MiBand fitness bracelets are undoubtedly interesting in terms of their price and features. Unfortunately, however, even in their case, users sometimes find themselves in trouble. Probably the discussion forums deal with the problem of pairing the Xiaomi Mi Band with a mobile phone.
The user, who appeared on the MIUI Discussion Forum under the nickname Rijesh, came up with the solution. First of all, you should have a phone with Android 4.3 or later, which most of the devices sold today are no problem. Also, Bluetooth support in version 4.0 will not be an obstacle for current mobile phones.

Detecting the MAC address of the bracelet

Similarly, as a network feature, Bluetooth devices communicate their unique MAC addresses, consisting of six hexadecimal double digits separated by dashes or colon (e.g. 01-23-45-67-89-ab or 01: 23: 45: 67). : 89: ab). Your task will be to find out the MAC address of your bracelet, for which you need a Bluetooth 4.0 Scanner that you can download and install from the Play Store for free.
Make sure the bracelet is sufficiently charged and on, hold it close to your phone, and use the Start Scanoption in Bluetooth 4.0 Scanner For some non-reasoned reason, the program wants to have access to a GPS - there's nothing left to do but allow it.
Once scanning is complete, go to the Database tab where you select Download data . The app then offers you the option to share or store your data on your phone, which you can do. If you open this data, look for deviceAddress (it's something like 88: 0f: 12: 0F: 1D: CC: BA ) and note the address.

Install Mi Band Notify

Next, download and install Mi Band Notify from mcgroup , which you will not find in Play Store, so you'll need to use alternative sources.
After installation, run the application and try to connect to the bracelet. Most likely, you will see a message that the connection failed (otherwise the connection should be OK). In this case, you will be able to connect a Bluetooth device with a specific MAC address - this is the Connect button manually .

We solve the problem of pairing the Xiaomi Mi Band bracelet

In the dialog box, enter the MAC address of the bracelet that you know. Dividing the individual pairs of numbers with dots, then confirm by pressing the OK button If you entered the data correctly, Mi Band Notify will be paired with a bracelet. Now you will need to connect the official Mi MiFit application with the bracelet. Go to the Profile section in the main menu Here is required to fill in your profile information, such as height, weight, gender, month and year of birth etc. Select Load from Mi Band to pair with Mi Fit.
Then the LED will flash on the bracelet, and when you tap the bracelet several times, pairing will be completed. Then, the firmware update is complete and you are done - the MiBand bracelet is connected to the phone and the application.
The author of the manual warns you not to interrupt the pairing unless absolutely necessary. There have been cases where the same repeat procedure simply does not work.
Did the above help solve the Xiaomi MiBand brace problem? Share your experience in the discussion under the article!
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